Friday, December 10, 2010

Interesting article on student protests

Don't know if you follow her already (I subscribe to her rss) but Laurie Penny's most recent bit in the New Statesman is very interesting:

I don't agree with the protesters about tuition fees.  I think they're sadly necessary, mainly as a legal mechanism to insist that EU students pay for their degrees - something a "graduate tax" could not achieve.  And that the effects can be mitigated with a matched student loan.  So that people like my parents, but in the next generation, can get to university.  

But I totally agree with the protesters about what (I think) these protests are becoming about.  Not student fees, but the government's turning-their-backs on young people and democracy, in favour of oligarchy, corruption and riot police.  Their unwillingness to engage with the public.  That's something I can imagine marching about.  

Grrrr.   Also, today's Daily Mail homepage is highly recommended.  I don't usually go there, but it's important to see how they portray this stuff.