Friday, June 26, 2009

Briefly, almost a year

Nearly a year, and what has changed?

Well, quite a lot. Since August 2008, the following:

  1. Not living alone*
  2. 4th year Medicine - all of it*
  3. Travel - Hong Kong, Ireland*
  4. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer...*
  5. Coffee - my appreciation*
  6. Coffee II - meeting the people*
  7. 5th year Medicine - starting in July*

(Below, extra details for the obsessive / me) -
  1. Maria and I have co-habited for >11 months now. And this is a good thing.
  2. This means a Laboratory (academic) course, then a little general practice, followed by true clinical rotations. In my case - DGH, SSM, Surgery, then Medicine. And finished with an OSCE.quite a lot to keep track of, and too much to think about now. Hopefully, the SSM will result in a poster presentation this September.
  3. Christmas in Hong Kong - quite different to how they do things in the UK. And then a quick summer cycling holiday, in Ireland's northwest.
  4. Of course. This made for an exciting 4th-year. Being snowed into your DGH accommodation, able to reach the hospital but not return to Oxford (we biked to the attachment, the day before the snows came), makes for good medicine.
  5. Over the year, I've progressed from fluffy-clouds cappuccino to some of HasBean's finest, and also my own over-roasted (home, pan-roast) espresso. From there, I've moved on to oven roasts, and replaced the little Gaggia Carezza with a 2nd-hand commercial 1-group Bezzera, net weight 27kg. (The water in its boiler maybe weighs more than the Carezza). Its restoration - my Spring DIY project. Meanwhile, I take an AeroPress to work more days than not. This July, I've taken delivery of a Behmor home-roaster - will let you know how that gets on.
  6. At first online, discovering an community of knowledgeable people, and then this June meeting many of them during one underslept, overworked (and overcaffeinated) week in London. (a global health course by day, and coffee most evenings). Remarkable, how hardworking and welcoming a community these people have made.
  7. Neurology at the moment; most of all, it's strange to be in Oxford, in the hospital, over the summer. July means summer heat and convectional rainfall - time to be outside - but the hospital carries on as usual...